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This page is dedicated to providing resources in an effort to make club and professional application processes more accessible. Join us at any of our pre-recruitment D&I events to learn more about our process!

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Resume Template


Casing Workshop

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Interview Skills with CIBC



In an effort to demystify our recruitment process, we would like to provide a summary of what we are looking for in applicants for SWIB's programs. ELP is open to all class years, majors, and experience levels. We are looking for candidates who are intellectually curious and bring diverse perspectives to our organization. Our Analysts and Associates share SWIB's values of diversity, equity, inclusion, and female empowerment. We strongly value candidates' enthusiasm about SWIB and our mission. Selected members demonstrate thoughtful reflection about their interests and past experiences. Our goal is ultimately to foster an inclusive community for women at Cornell! 

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Professional and interview dress codes can be confusing. The guide below provides some suggestions to clarify the difference between business professional/formal, business casual, smart casual, and casual.

Business Professional:

  • Typical for interviews and formal office environments

  • Suits (Pant/Skirt) or Dress with Blazer

  • Neutral colors (Black, Navy, Beige, Gray)

  • Closed Toed Shoes (Heels, Loafers, Flats)


Business Casual

  • Less formal than business professional

  • Nice blouse with pants or skirt

  • Avoid blue jeans, shorts, and short dresses


Smart Casual

  • Less formal than business casual, but a step above a casual everyday outfit

  • Can include dark wash jeans, brighter colors, and non-athletic sneakers


  • Relaxed, informal clothing

  • Whatever you'd like! Use your best judgement to be event appropriate.


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