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Elena Ault


College of Arts and Sciences Economics '24

Elena is a senior from Fairfield, Connecticut majoring in Economics and minoring in Business and Real Estate. She is a member of the Milstein Program in Technology and Humanity and a Meinig Family Cornell National Scholar. Elena previously served as Co-VP of Internal Development (2022) and VP of Diversity and Inclusion (2021) of SWIB. In summer 2022, she was an Investment Banking Sophomore Summer Analyst at Morgan Stanley. In summer 2023, she was a Real Estate Acquisitions Summer Analyst at Blackstone, where she will be returning full time. In her free time, Elena likes to run and solve the NYT Daily Crossword.


Christina Gioioso


SC Johnson College of Business 

Hotel Administration '24


Christina is a senior from Milton, Massachusetts studying in the School of Hotel Administration and pursuing a minor in Real Estate. Last year, Christina served as one of SWIB's Co-VPs of Internal Development. Outside of SWIB, Christina is also an analyst in Consult Your Community, an organization that provides pro-bono consulting services to local Ithaca businesses. Christina interned in Goldman Sachs' External Investing Group (XIG) in summer 2023 as a Real Estate Investing Analyst. In her free time, she enjoys going for walks around Beebe Lake, skiing, and trying new restaurants.




Jenny Liang He

VP of Corporate Affairs

School of Industrial and Labor Relations '25

Jenny is a  junior from Brooklyn, NY majoring in Industrial Labor Relations and intending to minor in Business and History. Outside of SWIB, she is a part of Cornell GCC, Vision Brand Consulting, The Wardrobe, and The Women’s Network. In the summer of 2022, she interned at Guggenheim Partners on the Special Events team, and in the summer of 2023, she interned as a Business Development intern at a sustainable fashion retail-tech startup. In her free time, she loves channeling her creativity and painting, trying new restaurants in NYC, watching Netflix, going to the gym, and traveling.

D611AE1C-8631-4AA0-AE7A-7A48DBD42BEC - Alisha Veera_edited.jpg

Alisha Veera

Co-VP of Internal Development

School of Industrial and Labor Relations '25

Alisha is a junior from Paramus, NJ studying Industrial and Labor Relations with intended minors in Information Science and Business. Outside of SWIB, Alisha is on the e-board of Roosevelt Institute and a member of Cornell Venture Capital. This year, she will be an Online Intensive Program Scholar for Girls Who Invest. In her free time, she enjoys cooking, playing Weaver, and watching tennis.

Headshot - Georgia Bryant.jpg

Georgia Bryant

Co-VP of Internal Development

Applied Economics and Management '25

Georgia is a junior from Dallas, Texas majoring in Applied Economics & Management and minoring in Leadership. Prior to serving as Co-VP of Internal Development, she participated in the ELP twice, once as an analyst and once as an associate. Georgia also serves as the Finance & Operations Vice President for her social sorority and as a committee lead for A Seat At The Table. In her free time, she enjoys sipping coffee, baking, and spending quality time with friends.

Photo - Brooke Zelner.jpeg

Brooke Zelner

VP of Finance

College of Human Ecology

Policy Analysis and Management '25

Brooke is a junior from Scarsdale, NY majoring in Policy Analysis and Management and minoring in business. Outside of SWIB, Brooke is a Project Manager for Cornell Marketing, a member of the Cornell Property Technology Club, and the Finance Director of her sorority. This past summer she enjoyed working as an Intern at Moody’s Investors Service. In her free time, she enjoys traveling, running, and journalism.

SWIB Website Photo - Anika Mittle.JPG

Anika Mittle

VP of Alumni Relations

College of Arts and Sciences

Economics '25

Anika is a junior from Long Island, New York. She is majoring in Economics in the College of Arts of Sciences and double minoring in Business and Psychology. Outside of SWIB, Anika is the President of Cornell Marketing and an Analyst in Cornell Equity Research. In her free time, Anika enjoys traveling, playing tennis, playing the piano and flute, and spending time with family and friends.

Haley Qin Head Shot.jpeg

Haley Qin

Co-VP of Marketing

Applied Economics and

Management '25

Haley is a junior from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania concentrating in marketing at Dyson. Outside of SWIB, she is a project manager for Cornell Marketing and is a Staff Writer for The Cornell Daily Sun. In her free time, she likes to work out, create Pinterest boards, eat out with friends, and watch an insane amount of movies. One fun fact about Haley is that she has a Spotify playlist with over 15,000 subscribers on which she has helped emerging artists get verified and grow their streams by over 400%.


Screen Shot 2022-08-29 at 8.36.53 PM - Jasmine Chang.png

Jasmine Chang

Co-VP of Marketing

Applied Economics and Management '25

Jasmine is a junior from New York City, studying Applied Economics and Management at Dyson and minoring in Fashion Studies. In addition to being Co-VP of Marketing for SWIB, Jasmine is also the VP of Public Relations in the Cornell Fashion Collective and Senior Communications Director of Thread Magazine. She is interested in pursuing marketing professionally and has completed marketing internships at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC and at Modibodi in Sydney, Australia. In her free time, she loves painting and drawing, reading books, pilates, and traveling the world.



Ria Bajaj

VP of Diversity and Inclusion

School of Industrial and Labor Relations '25

Ria is a junior from Princeton, NJ majoring in Industrial and Labor Relations with minors in Business and Law & Society. She is a Meinig Family Cornell National Scholar, a Finance Assistant Director for Hotel Ezra Cornell, and officer of the Undergraduate Law Association. Ria previously served as the VP of Alumni Relations for SWIB. In Summer 2022, she was a Capital Ventures Intern for UnitedHealth Group. In her free time, she enjoys reading, trying new restaurants, traveling, and spending time with her friends and family.


Lauren Catalano

Co-VP of Community Affairs

SC Johnson College of Business 

Hotel Administration '25

Lauren is a junior from Tampa, Florida. She is studying in the Nolan School of Hotel Administration with a minor in Real Estate. Lauren has been involved in SWIB since her freshman fall, and outside of SWIB she is also involved in the Cornell Global Business Club, Cornell Real Estate Club, and the Cornell Tradition, a fellowship awarded to less than 4% of undergraduates. Outside of school, Lauren enjoys playing golf, cooking, traveling, and writing Yelp Reviews.

47FC91CC-4014-49F2-B0BD-6B6B269B0C52 - Vennela Vavilla.jpeg

Vennela Vavilla

Co-VP of Community Affairs

SC Johnson College of Business

Hotel Administration '25

Vennela is a junior from Westborough, Massachusetts majoring in Hotel Administration and planning to minor in Healthy Futures. Outside of SWIB, she is on E-Board for Asha for Education, SPICMACAY, and Society for India. In her free time, she enjoys cooking and trying new recipes, singing, crafting, and spending time with friends/family.



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